Product Series

Below is the main Products Series for our Car DVD GPS players, if you are a distributor or reseller, it is important
to know the special features
for different series, so that you can recommend the right models to your clients,
and also can reduce communication time with suppliers.   Y
ou can click the " view" to read more details


Products Series  Model No.  Main menu Features (Android OS, RAM+ROM) More info.  Rate
 S160  MXXX view  Android  4.4,Quad Core,1G +16G  View  viewviewviewviewview
 S190  QXXX view  Android 7.1, Quad Core, 2G +16G  View viewviewviewviewview  
 S200 WXXX   Android 6.0, Octa Core, 2G +32G  View
 H50 (V1) iXXXX  view  Android 7.1, Quad Core, 2G +16G(Version 1)  View   viewviewviewviewview
 H50 (V2) FXXXX  view   Android 8.0, Octa Core, 4G +32G (Version 2) View viewviewviewviewview 
8XXXX  view  Android 7.1, Quad Core, 2G +16G  View   viewviewviewview
Android 6.0, Octa Core, 2G +32G
 D90 DXXXX  view  Android 6.0, Quad Core, 2G +32G (1G+16G Optional)  View  viewviewviewview
 H70    AXXXX view  Android 4.4 ~ 7.1 OS,Quad Core , 1/2G+16G , different model might with different Android os & menu style, BMW model adopt BMW Menu  View viewviewviewviewview  

 EVO + ID6   AXXX view  Android 4.4 , Quad core, 1G +16G, EVO + ID6 menu, For BMW ONLY View viewviewviewviewview