A , Shipping address  & TEL

Please provide us valid shipping address (with zip code) & Telephone number.
Full shipping address should be included below informations
Streect :
Zip code:

We can't deliver to PO boxes, APO addresses or certain remote address. 
For Paypal, please make sure the shipping address same as your Paypal Account 
Dropshiper: you need to offer valid shipping address and valid TEL for delivery courier can be use.
We reserve the right to refuse, cancel, and refund any orders where we deem the address to be undeliverable

Remote area fee
For some areas, the shipping address is remote for DHL or Fedex or UPS delivery, in this situation, there's remote additional delivery fees occur, Our shipping cost not included this fees (normally it is about USD35.00 - USD40.00). Unfortunately there's no way for us to charge remote fees during placing the order, as we can not list all remote areas in our system, so if we found your address is remote for DHL, we will send you an email to pay for the remote fees, you can also check your address via this link to see if your address is remote or not: http://remoteareas.dhl.com/jsp/first.jsp 

B, Delivery Time

Normally we send out the order within2- 3 working days after received the payment.
After  the order sent out, normally  DHL/UPS/FeDex need 3~ 6 working days for delivery, EMS might need 7~15 Days

We will send you the tracking number after the shipment was done, If you not received the tracking number within 3 days, you can send email to [email protected] to check the status of order. If any delay, it  may caused by bad weather or custom inspection, If you still not get the order after 15 days, please contact us.

Please noted:
a, After the order was send out, you can not cancel the order and refund money.
b, Before shipment, smetimes we need to contact you and confirm something with you (like invoice value , shipping address etc),
Please keep your email or phone available after you done the payment.

C, Damage & parts stolen during delivery
Our products are all brand new and inspected carefully before shipment. When you get the parcel:

(1) You should check the cartons outside & items INSIDE first before to sign your dear name.

(2) To check carefully the lable and see if it have been removed or broken, if possible, take a photo for it if that is broken.

(3) If you find the unit inside was  broken, or some thing was stolen, you need to fill the claim form (proof of damage or stolen ) in front of delivery courier, and let courier to proof that and sign his name on it.  And take photoes and keep original packing box and email us the photo within 2 days.

(4) Please notice : when the products go to your hand, it is YOUR products, you have the right to check carefully , to keep proof of damage or stolen is important.

(5) You are the receiver (consignee), it is YOUR resposibility & rights to make the claim to delivery company, normally they will give you a code of complaint. ( On such kind of case, we can also make complaint to delivery ,but they will ignore and reject us if you no complaint on it, because it is your products, you are the consignee! ).

(6) If you have signed and received the order, the delivery company will took it as well delivery, in this situation, that is no opportunity to make claim for compensation.

(7) Please be with patience due to delivery company might need about 15 days for investigation.

(8) Sometimes by making a complaint to delivery company for compensation might not be a good solution, because they have their rules on compensation, and it is long time. But in that case, we are actually no faulty, we give them the order in good condition. But when bad things happen, if the lost is not too big, then we like to handle this problems in below solution upon your agreement.

a) If for small lost on parts, and it is not a key parts. (Such as lost 1 pcs SD card, or a camera ---  this kind of lost we call small lost).
Although it is not our faulty, but we can make few " compensation " for you directly and close this deal. We will not send you a new SD card on our account.

b) Althought it is small, but it is key parts, like power cable missing, or the touch screen was broken, we can offer you a new cable, or  a touch screen and tell you how to change it. In this situation, then can send it to you, but will not send by DHL,UPS,FEDEX,  In this situation, we send by post. it might took 10- 15 days, but please understanding.

c) We try to handle such case by sending the parts(or deducted the price for parts), it does not means that we are faulty on this case. If few buyer abuse this terms (such as telling a lie ,collusion with courier, or request amount which much beyond normal value or by initiating complaints to Paypal at will etc ) . In this situation, we reservce the right to handle the problems by an other way: like by making complaint to delivery company
(for compensation);  Or handle the problems by the terms of Paypal; Or by our warranty & return policy.

D, World wide shipping
We ship to all over the world. Normally you can choose to ship via DHL, UPS, FEDEX or EMS while placing an order online. For other shipping methods, you can contact us for further information. We can also ship via your own account (ie Fedex account or UPS account), in this case you don't need to pay for the shipping cost to us, but you need to pay for the shipping cost when package arrived at your side.
E , Shipping cost.

Shipping cost is calculated by the weight of each product, some models have big dimension, then the shipping cost is charged base on it's dimension, this is the rules from express company (DHL/UPS/FEDEX/TNT etc). 

Normally, the more you order , the better shipping cost you will have. The shipping cost is different for different countires,you can check the shipping cost on our website. 

If you can't  find the shipping cost on our website, you can contact us and we will try to make the quotation on shipping for you specially.

PS: The shipping cost which you see on our website have included order handling fee, that is charged by Paypal / or our local bank fee. 
Once more, we know few seller might offer lower shipping cost in the market, but we take more attention to the safe of delivery and avoid stolen (our products is high valued), thus we cooperate with reliable shipping company (their agent) and get better service. Please understanding this and no need to bargin the price with us. Thank you.